Fire Emblem Engage's Vander profiled

Vander's the man!

16 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The daily updates on Fire Emblem Engage continue, and today brings us footage of and details on Vander, who is voiced by Youji Ueda in the Japanese version.

Vander is the 32nd Dragon Guardian who is tasked with protecting the Divine Dragon in the sacred land of Lithos. He’s a reliable companion who has sworn allegiance to Alear, vowing to protect them many years ago. Vander is a fairly serious and strict person who puts his mission as Guardian above all else.

Vander’s base class is Paladin, and he’s an experienced and high-ranking knight. Vander rides into battle on a horse, which grants him high mobility. Finally, he uses a mighty axe to smash enemies.


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