Splatoon 3 datamining points to new Salmon Run modes

Who's down for more fun runs?

16 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 3

While I love everything Splatoon 3 has to offer, Salmon Run mode is my personal favorite. I couldn’t get enough of the mode in Splatoon 3, and I’m so happy its back for the threequel, and even better, it’s available 24/7. What more could you want than that? Well how about some new Salmon Run modes?!

Thanks to the work of dataminer Oatmealdome, it seems Nintendo is already cooking up some changes for Salmon Run. According to the game’s source code, players can look forward to at least three new Salmon Run modes in a future update.

The three modes mentioned in the game’s code include “Pair”, “Underground”, and “Contest,” with Pair and Underground offering their own pay grades and titles. In addition, Underground will have higher quotas (per wave: +3 / +5 / +7) than normal.

Of course, none of this is official until Nintendo reveals it, but it certainly seems like just a matter of time until that happens!

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1+ y ago

Oatmealdomes gonna data mine everything.


1+ y ago

How much data could an oatmealdome mine if an oatmealdome could mine data?


1+ y ago

Please use the spoiler tag for datamined content and don't put the exact content in the title, thanks