As you very well know, there was a ton of talk about The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD leading up to last week’s Nintendo Direct. The same goes for the rumored Metroid Prime remastered. Inside sources were claiming that all of these titles had a very good chance of showing up during the Nintendo Direct, with the loudest voice in the crowd being Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb.

Obviously, the Nintendo Direct didn’t mention any of the above titles. If they do exist, Nintendo isn’t talking about them. When these games didn’t pop up during the Direct, numerous people were quite miffed with Grubb for pushing the rumors out there. That discontent only grew, and it’s finally reached a point where Grubb himself has talked about the matter.

Below is a summary of what Jeff had to say about the situation. You can see his full 13-minute video here, but if you’re looking for a quick breakdown, read on.

  • Grubb offers an apology for the rumors
  • Grubb also offers an apology on Mike Minotti’s behalf, who also spoke on the rumors
  • Grubb says they jumped the gun on the rumors and never verified their sources
  • there was no vetting process on the Wind Waker & Twilight Princess rumors
  • Grubb claims he and Mike “misheard” about WW/TP and got caught up in the hype
  • with Metroid Prime remaster, Grubb is still under the assumption that it’s coming out
  • Grubb still says his information points to the title being released this holiday season
  • going forward, Grubb won’t ever talk about a leak again without actually double checking and confirming \

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1+ y ago

But when will Reggie and Billy Konami apologise?


1+ y ago

Good that they acknowledge their mistakes and apologise.


1+ y ago

Good on Grubb for this. It's easy to get swept up in hype and possibly wishful thinking, but when you have an audience big or small following what you have to say there is a responsibility to reign in what you say if you don't have verification.


1+ y ago


This is good. This is very, very good...


1+ y ago

This job isn't easy, we can't be right 100% of the time. (And personally, I hope we do get these some day...)


1+ y ago

I prefer to not get leaks at all, ESPECIALLY when they're sometimes fake. Just let companies announce things when they're ready. Leaking their plans hurts the company and often leads to disappointment.


1+ y ago

Rumors take away some of the fun and surprise from Directs so people like Mr. Grubb should keep their infos for themselves.

super kevio

1+ y ago

Knowing Nintendo, they could have heard the rumors/leaks and pulled the announcement. They supposedly stopped the Zelda Netflix talks after that leaked, right? This seems like something they would definitely do. However, I still think they’re coming. That BOTW2 announcement in the direct had so little footage that I’m betting they will do a Zelda direct to show off more gameplay and announce the other two titles during that. They other question is release schedule. If they don’t come out this year, they may hold them for a while, with BOTW2 taking center stage. Who knows though. They take pride in zigging when everyone expects them to zag 😂


1+ y ago

"going forward, Grubb won’t ever talk about a leak again without actually double checking and confirming"

I'd like to think that's true, but I highly doubt it. Some people just love to be seen as being the first in the know, so to speak and getting attention.