Sonic Frontiers had a major presence at Tokyo Game Show. Not only was a brand new trailer publicly released, confirming the return of the powerful Super Sonic ability, but waiting lines at the demo booth was so long that SEGA was forced to totally shut it down.

Twitter user @tadanohi, an attendee who was lucky enough to experience the demo at TGS, asked a SEGA representative about the resolution and frame rate specs of Sonic Frontiers, and they received a pretty solid answer. The game is reportedly targeting 720p 30fps on Nintendo Switch, 1080p 30fps on PlayStation 4, and 4k 30fps/1080 60fps on PlayStation 5. While this hasn’t yet been officially confirmed, these are definitely some believable numbers.

Sonic Frontiers launches on November 8th, 2022.

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1+ y ago

Not surprising since it seems to struggle to draw stuff not too far away in more powerful hardware.


1+ y ago

That's not impressive, but not surprising either. It's going to have other issues as well like ugly textures and lots of pop-in. I'm beyond ready for new Nintendo hardware.