LUCID was announced for Switch at the start of this month, but we’ll be waiting quite some time to play it. The game won’t be available until 2024, which might seem like far too long from announcement to release, but the situation makes all the more sense when you learn about the development setup.

LUCID is the project of Eric Manahan, and he’s the solo dev handling almost everything. A few others have joined Manahan to help out, particular in the case of music, but LUCID is very much a solo effort in most regards. You can learn more about Manahan’s work on the title, his goals with LUCID, and other gameplay details in the video interview above.

LUCID presents a heartfelt adventure in a crystalline fantasy. Venture across a massive overworld, solve challenging puzzle dungeons, and conquer white-knuckle combat to unlock powerful new abilities, revealing more secrets in previously explored areas. Tightly tuned for platforming perfection, LUCID embraces the flow-state fun of genre giants like Celeste while writing a love letter to the 2D golden age of Mega Man X, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Metroid.

Explore Aedyn, an enigmatic land replete with crystals, in the wake of the apocalyptic Great Fall. The Lucid Giant has fallen and only the few remaining Sentinels, practitioners of the Crystal Arts, can stop the corruption soaking the land. Take up the fight as Oenn, a young, stone-skinned Junior Sentinel. Seek the shattered pieces of the Lucid Giant and confront the ancient, celestial entity which threatens Aedyn.

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