Developer MUTAN has revealed that the Three-versus-one asymmetrical battle action game, Goonya Monster, will launch on Nintendo Switch on December 4th, 2022. Cross-platform multiplayer support is also planned across Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PS5.

About the game (via Gematsu):

Goonya Monster is a three-versus-one asymmetric player-versus-player game, where 3 “Busters” face off against one “Monster,” with players controlling characters designed by the famous artist, Terada Tera.

Busters can use a unique cast of weapons, while Monsters can unleash powerful Skills to help achieve their respective win conditions.

■ Goonya Monster Release Date Set + Additional Compatible Hardware

The release date for Goonya Monster has been set for December 4, 2022.

In addition to Steam, the game will also be released on Switch and PlayStation 5.

■ Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Goonya Monster is cross-platform compatible. Regardless of the platform you are playing on, you can play cooperatively or competitively with players all over the world.

■ Second Trailer: Game System

The newly released trailer introduces the game system of this title, accompanied by the theme song by popular artist FAKE TYPE. feat Chogakusei. In addition to the basic rules, the video introduces the ghost state after the Buster is killed, the purchase of weapons and costumes, and character customization with enhanced gear. In addition, the full version music video of the theme song “GO ON YA WAY” will be released on the FAKE TYPE. channel in October.

■ Theme Song

  • Title: “GO ON YA WAY”
  • Composer: FAKE TYPE.
  • GUITAR: Johngarabushi


An up-and-coming music unit consisting of Top Ham Hat Madness (photo: right), MC, and DYES IWASAKI (photo: left), TrackMaker.

In August this year, their song “Utakata Lullaby” from the movie One Piece Film Red became the talk of the town.

■ Game Overview

Buster: Master a Diverse Set of Weapons and Carry a Fixed Amount of Souls to the Goal

Three players are Busters. Lasers, shotguns, and flamethrowers are some of the weapons you can master to help you fight alongside other players.

Busters win by successfully carrying a fixed amount of “Souls” over to the goal. Defeat Undead enemies that spawn throughout the stage and pick up their “Souls.”

Undead enemies also attack Busters. Take them down before they take you down.

Monsters fair better in a one-on-one fight. Working together and coordinating your movement with your teammates is the key to victory.

If You Die, You Can Still Continue the Game as a Ghost

A Buster enters the ghost state when their life reaches zero. Ghosts cannot attack, but they are not attacked by monsters. You can move and carry souls as normal and can easily be brought back to life if you have a Buster near you.

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