Minecraft has been updated to Version 1.19.30. This is just a minor update, and you can see the official patch notes below.

Vanilla Parity:


  • Modified the Fireball entity’s collision box to match Java Edition
  • The Enchanting Table now produces a sound when enchanting an item
  • Amethyst blocks no longer produce sound when jumping off them
  • Fixed the bottom texture of the Melon block to match the top texture (MCPE-31035)
  • The item stack popup animation will now only play when a new item is added to the stack (MCPE-23995)
  • Fixed an issue where Light Blocks would be removed when placing an Armor stand over them (MCPE-151856)
  • Changed some structures names in the /locate command to have underscores, like in Java Edition (e.g. ancientcity -> ancient_city); the old names will still work but will not show up in the autocomplete
  • Fixed an issue where Boats with Chests would not drop the Chest’s contents when destroyed by the /kill command (MCPE-160186)
  • Eating a Stew will now leave the empty Bowl in the slot it was eaten from (MCPE-56367)
  • Drinking a Potion will now leave the empty Glass Bottle in the slot you drank it from rather than the first empty inventory slot (MCPE-26436)
  • Oak and Mangrove Fence Gates are now flammable (MCPE-160098)


  • Fixed Hoglin and Zoglin hitbox size and hit range to match Java Edition (MCPE-65424)
  • Increased Sculk Shrieker and Sculk Sensor generation rates in Deep Dark and Ancient Cities to better match Java Edition (MCPE-153525)
  • Modified the Cat’s head position while sitting to match Java Edition (MCPE-46668)
  • If a Villager has a Nametag, it is now displayed along with their trade tier (MCPE-152644)

Spectator Mode (Experimental)

  • Capes are no longer rendered while in Spectator Mode (MCPE-156929)
  • Spectator players in Lava Cauldrons no longer display the burning animation (MCPE-160331)
  • Players in Spectator Mode are no longer affected by the Powder Snow fog effect (MCPE-156683)
  • Sadly, any leashed animals will not follow spectators anymore (MCPE-157065)
  • Players in Spectator Mode no longer emit particles while sprinting (MCPE-160397)
  • Spectator players with status effects applied no longer emit particles (MCPE-160398)
  • Endermen no longer become angry at players in Spectator Mode (MCPE-156742)
  • Players in Spectator Mode can no longer interact with Sculk Sensors by swimming in water or lava (MCPE-153879)
  • Players switching into Spectator Mode will unhook any fishhooks attached to them
  • Players in Spectator mode can no longer be pushed by explosions (MCPE-156687)
  • Powder Snow no longer emits particles when spectators move through it (MCPE-153876)
  • Big Dripleaf no longer tilts when touched by players in Spectator Mode (MCPE-156686)
  • Players in Spectator Mode now keep their inventories and equipped items on death (MCPE-156681)
  • Spectators can no longer attract mob’s attention when holding their favorite food (MCPE-153882)
  • The /testfor command can now target spectators (MCPE-158042)
  • The Spectator game mode can no longer be entered via the /gamemode 6 command, only via /gamemode spectator
  • Spectators using touch controls can no longer break Boats and Minecarts (MCPE-158307)
  • Parrots sitting on a player’s shoulder now hop off when entering Spectator Mode
  • Animals and mobs with follow_owner behaviour no longer follow Spectators
  • Animals and mobs with find_mount behaviour no longer try to mount Spectators
  • Spectator Mode players won’t have cold feet and now the Frost Walker enchant does not affect water
  • Pufferfish no longer react to nearby spectators



  • Fixed a bug that rarely caused the Villager’s bounding box to become desynced with the server when sleeping
  • Fixed a bug causing an occasional crash when loading players in beds
  • The game no longer crashes when browsing Marketplace
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when resuming the game on Xbox
  • Fixed a bug where deleting cloud synced worlds would not delete the cloud version of the world when the player deletes the world locally
  • Fixed PlayStation 4 audio stuttering issues while framerate is low (MCPE-158902)
  • Fixed a crashing issue related to undyed Shulkers
  • Most common Marketplace connection issues will now automatically resolve themselves when conditions improve without needing to restart Minecraft (MCPE-155025)
  • Fixed performance issues when Striders are being ridden by baby Striders (MCPE-146478)
  • Fixed a crash that would occur on some devices when loading in worlds with texture packs applied (MCPE-160800)
  • Fixed a crash when uploading a world with no name using “Play on Realm” button


  • Music is now included in the mobile app and no longer has to be downloaded from Marketplace
  • Fixed issue where player would see inside of Top Snow when diving into it while wearing Elytra
  • Fireballs can no longer travel through portals to prevent an issue where they could become permanently stuck (MCPE-160938)
  • Pressing the Ctrl and Alt keys together will no longer make the Alt key get stuck down


  • Endermen no longer get angry at Creative players (MCPE-42977)
  • Fixed a bug causing Leads to break with Allays after the owner player changes dimensions (MCPE-158955)
  • The Goat’s ram animation was modified to slowly lower their head when preparing to ram (MCPE-129477)
  • Reduced the Enderman’s teleport range to 32x32x32 to ensure that it cannot despawn itself by teleporting (MCPE-152268)
  • Allays and Bees should no longer get stuck on Lanterns or other low hanging objects (MCPE-155777)
  • EDU Toggle: NPC names default to only being displayed while looking at them


  • Mud Brick Slab can now be placed as a top slab via commands (MCPE-157852)
  • Banners now spawn correctly in newly generated structures (MCPE-160696)
  • Coral Fans now look identical when placed facing North, West, East, and South (MCPE-125311)
  • White Glazed Terracotta is no longer missing from the Creative Mode inventory and is once again accessible through commands
  • Seagrass and Kelp are no longer classified as Coral Decorations in the Creative Mode inventory (MCPE-44034)
  • Fixed a bug where some blocks that require a supporting block (for example Carpet or crops) did not appear on Maps when placed on a non-full block or above an air block (MCPE-159713)
  • Iron Bars are no longer missing from the Creative Mode inventory and are once again accessible through commands (MCPE-160253)
  • Piston’s animation when extending and retracting is now smooth (MCPE-155987)
  • It is no longer possible to get an aged Sapling in the inventory by block-picking


  • Fixed dropped items getting stuck at the edge of flowing water (MCPE-157167)
  • When on fire, the fire overlay no longer clips through held items (MCPE-147776)
  • Mangrove, Crimson, and Warped Planks can now be used to repair Shields (MCPE-158940)
  • Fixed a regression where an undamaged tool, such as Pickaxe, when name changed on an Anvil, would fail to work correctly when used for the first time (MCPE-152637)

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where the name tag background was slightly offset (MCPE-160254)
  • Fixed a UI bug where enchanted leather items would have parts of the texture not displaying the glint animation (MCPE-98929)
  • Added new disconnection error messages to better highlight the area in which the disconnection occurred
  • Character Creator offers in Marketplace will no longer lose their thumbnail images upon exiting the Dressing Room
  • Added a Retry button to the Xbox cloud sync prompt
  • Item stacks now are merged together after assigned tick threshold
  • Added a missing settings button on packs in the updated Create New World screen
  • Added a new disconnection error message – “Unable to connect, please restart your client”
  • Fixed an issue causing messages with non-unicode characters to have incorrect spacing
  • NPC names now default to only being displayed while looking at them
  • The arrow within the crafting Pocket UI now fits appropriately without any clipping issues
  • The “Cannot connect to Marketplace” error will no longer be erroneously read by the Text-To-Speech reader
  • Raid bar no longer becomes stuck after breaking Beds to cancel a raid (MCPE-152851)


  • Player textures and UI elements should no longer turn pink after playing for an extended period time on highly populated servers (MCPE-105487)
  • Fixed an issue where certain water textures with waterlogged blocks displayed the wrong texture (MCPE-156281)
  • Fixed an issue with flowing Lava and Water textures not animating on some iOS devices
  • Sky in The End dimension will no longer look like static upon entry while it is raining in the Overworld (MCPE-148843)

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs

  • Updated Add-On templates for 1.19.30 with new resources, behaviors, and documentation, are available to download at

Copy Coordinates

  • Added keyboard shortcuts that allow players to copy either their current coordinates or the coordinates of a block
  • Control + Alt + C is the default for copying current coordinates
  • Control + Alt + X is the default for copying coordinates of selected block
  • Needs the “Enable Copy Coordinate UI” enabled in Creator settings


  • Numerical actor properties (float and integer) will now always clamp their values into the range of values specified
  • Minecraft:instant_despawn no longer affects players
  • Command selector now gets the same position for the player that the command origin player position gets
  • Fixed a bug where the text-to-speech feature would read the entire “My Content” page, both highlighted and non-highlighted items
  • Non-Parrot mobs on a player’s shoulder will now adjust their position when the player crouches (MCPE-153996)
  • Enables creators to add geometry up to 0.875 units outside of the regular block unit cube on any one side
  • Fixed a bug where some custom items (from Creator Features packs), after being used, were duplicated upon player’s death (MCPE-128897)
  • Added server property ‘disable-custom-skins’ to block untrusted skins on a server wide level
  • Text to Speech no longer ignores the volume setting on startup
  • Clarified the documentation for equipment_count to indicate it only counts equipped armor, and how to query for held items (MCPE-136134)
  • Limit which queries can be used in Actor Property-related Molang expressions. Property defaults can only use query.had_component_group and set_property can only use property and query.has_property
  • BlockDisplayNameComponent will no longer append ’tile.’ and ‘.name’ to given display names and in turn, will display their given raw strings if no appropriate localization can be found


  • Added a paste button to the Command Block screen
  • Added a waterlog field to the /structure command and the load tab of Structure Blocks to allow players to properly waterlog a structure when it’s being placed under water
  • The “/execute at” command now properly executes filters from the specified ‘at’ position (MCPE-156283)
  • The “/execute if block” command now displays integer values for block positions (MCPE-156285)
  • Fixed a bug where a “%” was prepended to player names in the chat output of “/scoreboard players reset” (MCPE-151389)
  • Attempting to kill a player in Creative Mode using the “/kill” command now displays a message informing the player that it cannot be done (MCPE-16732)

GameTest Framework

  • Fixed a bug where function length would return undefined
  • Added function lengthSquared – Returns the squared length of the vector
  • Added stackOverflow as a possible WatchdogTerminateReason for the beforeWatchdogTerminate event
  • IRawMessage – Interface object representing a message
  • rawtext : (string IRawMessage)[] – (optional) A list of text objects used to build a message
  • text : string – (optional) A string containing plain text to display directly. Only valid when used as a sub member in a parent rawtext or with member
  • translate : string – (optional) String representing a translation identifier to translate text in the player’s selected language
  • with : (string IRawMessage)[] – (optional) A list of text object arguments used to fill values in the translate text. Ignored when translate is not present
  • say(string IRawMessage) – Used to broadcast a message to all players
  • tell(string IRawMessage) – Send a message to a player
  • Fixed a bug where Dynamic Properties would not persist when using worlds hosted on Bedrock Dedicated Server or Realms
  • Pack dependencies on native modules can be declared using the module name without the need to specify a UUID, using the “module_name” attribute. The module name matches the import statement (e.g., “mojang-minecraft”)
  • Removed mojang-gametest module version 0.1.0; packs using “mojang-gametest” specific APIs must be updated to use GameTest version 1.0.0-beta
  • The “mojang-gametest” module 1.0.0-beta requires “mojang-minecraft” module 1.0.0-beta
  • Removed usage of minecraft:unwalkable block component and added block creative group and category to the block description
  • setVelocity will now throw an exception when called on player types
  • Renamed class Items to ItemTypes
  • Add a content error when default or set_property expressions include side-effects, such as Molang variable assignment
  • Commands
  • Added new sub-command /script watchdog exportstats – Exports a file containing memory usage and object handle statistics
  • Can now switch hotbar slots while targeting a block while in a Boat (MCPE-156814)
  • The ‘/execute at’ and ‘/execute as’ commands will now execute at the correct relative rotation (MCPE-156277)
  • ‘/execute at @e run kill @e’ no longer crashes the game when there are items on the ground
  • Added chat output when entities are skipped by “/ride summon_ride no_ride_change” (MCPE-129486)
  • Added function getAll(): ItemTypeIterator – Returns an iterator of all available item types

Memory Watchdog

  • script-watchdog-memory-warning – Produces a content log warning when the combined memory usage exceeds the given threshold (in megabytes). Setting this value to 0 disables the warning. (default = 100)
  • script-watchdog-memory-limit – Saves and shuts down the world when the combined memory usage exceeds the given threshold (in megabytes). Setting this value to 0 disables the limit. (default = 250)
  • Increased slow code warning threshold from 2 ms to 6 ms

Minecraft is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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