Bohemia Interactive has today announced the release of Vigor Chronicles: Deliverance, the latest chapter in the series for their free-to-play looter-shooter, Vigor. The new update, available today, will introduce the new Adrenaline Shot consumable to boost your body’s performance, a 75-level Battle Pass inspired by the Armaverse and the new military grade SMG Berry M12! Discover the newly added Seasonal Challenges that are waiting for you, and don’t forget to check out the new and cheaper instant craft boost in your Shelter.

With this new update, comes the perfect opportunity for Bohemia Interactive to introduce a crossover between Vigor and Arma Reforger, which was released on early access in May 2022. The crossover comes in the shape of a Battle Pass inspired by assets and cosmetics from Arma Reforger.

The second collaboration in Vigor Chronicles: Deliverance comes in the form of a pack with characters taken from DayZ, specifically Hannah and the Yellow King! Take on the mantle of this iconic duo and write your own story in the Outlands!

Even though there won’t be a new iteration of cassettes in the Outlands, the trailer provides a glimpse in the lore of Vigor.

Features List:

  • Chronicles: Deliverance Battle Pass (75 levels)
  • Inspired by Arma Reforger
  • New consumable Adrenaline Shot
  • Get an instant speed boost and weight negation
  • New weapon SMG Berry M12
  • Make your enemies shake with this military grade weapon
  • Shelter Improvement tweaks
  • Shelter Improvements now have an increased offer of their respective effects
  • New Seasonal Challenges + special rewards
  • Grind through 50 seasonal challenges to unlock an exclusive reward
  • Fallen Crown of DayZ Pack
  • Instant craft boost
  • Improved Air Drop rewards
  • Improved first-time user experience
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