Capcom has released a new internal interview that dives into the music of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Both Satoshi Hori and Mana Ogura handled composing duties on the expansion, continuing the work they did for Monster Hunter Rise. While the duo had already crafted an amazing soundscape for Rise, they wanted to shift things a bit with their approach for the Sunbreak expansion.

In the snippet below, you can see how Hori and Ogura attempted to give Sunbreak a new feel while also retaining what made the music in Rise great from the start. This led to a sound that feels both innovative and familiar at the same time. Check out the comments from both below.

Hori: As I mentioned before, in Rise we added vocals to monster themes from past games, and for Sunbreak, we stayed loyal to the original theme while also asking ourselves “what would this theme sound like if we were to extend it now?”

In both Rise and Sunbreak, we tried to pay respect to the original themes as much as possible, but in Sunbreak, we focused more on the musicality of the original versions, and we reinterpreted them for their arrangements.

Ogura: We even rearranged the music for BBQ-ing and for sales at the market from a Japanese style to a more Western style. From a gameplay perspective, we also changed the Quest Complete music depending on whether you accepted the quest at Kamura or Elgado.

And as far as respecting the original music is concerned, we even brought back Marika Suzuki to do arrangements for Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala’s themes, since she composed the originals.


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