The cut stage is featured on the bottom row.
The cut stage is featured on the bottom row.

Due to the diligent work of Forest of Illusion as well as Twitter users Render Archive and Nintoid, we now have high-quality scans of Nintendo’s 1996 company report! At first glance, it would seem that nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be included in this report. However, one section of the report features screenshots from the long-lost Super Mario 64 extended B-Roll.

5 of these screenshots are particularly special because they feature a previously unseen stage from an earlier build of Super Mario 64. This stage appears to take place in an underwater ghost level that is nowhere to be seen in the final release. Interestingly, when these screenshots are played together, you can almost get a sense of what the level would have played like.

Check out these screenshots in a gif-form and the rest of the 1996 report here.

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1+ y ago

I mean from the looks of it, they were not fully scrapped, it presumably just evolved into parts of other stages like Big Boo's Haunt over the course of development.


1+ y ago

It was probably scrapped because swimming circles around those eyes to kill them would have been a total drag. Underwater levels in SM64 already kind of sucked. Haunted house gimmicks would have been going too far.