Quite frequently fans of the Pokemon series will make their own Pokemon games due to their love of the series. Perhaps one of the most interesting ones to date has been made by Ollin Boer Bohan, a deep-learning scientist for Nvidia.

The feature that sets this demo apart is that it was entirely comprised using machine learning, which gives the game an almost dream-like feel. The demo only allows you to walk around in a pokemon world, but it does replicate the games surprisingly well.

I recommend not just checking out the demo, but reading the article Ollin wrote accompanying his creation. It goes in-depth on just how this technology works in an easy-to-understand way. It’s an interesting read for anyone interested in just how this technology works.

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Please link to the demo so I can check it out.


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Sorry for the confusion, the link is under article, but here it is again! Sorry about that!