Reggie Fils-Aimé has been gone from Nintendo for quite some time now, but nothing/no one has stepped in to take his place. We’re still feeling the void from his departure, and no one knows if anything will be capable of replacing the big man.

While Reggie has left Nintendo’s halls, we still get to hear from the man himself from time to time. The latest chance we have of catching up with Reggie comes from the most recent episode of the Kit and Krysta podcast. Reggie sat down to answer some questions from the former Nintendo employees, as well as a few fan queries. You can see a summary for some of the things discussed below.

  • Mr. Iwata’s passing helped Reggie realize that he didn’t want time to pass by without him touching people’s lives in the way he wanted to
  • Reggie’s forward-facing position with fans was unplanned
  • Reggie feels Nintendo hasn’t been as engaged with the fan community in recent years
  • a friend who has 35 years in the book industry was the one who convinced Reggie to write Disrupting the Game
  • Nintendo Minute happened because Nintendo had a desire to communicate with fans
  • The Reggie/Iwata fight video for Smash Bros. used stunt doubles for some shots, and Iwata and Reggie’s scenes were shot independently

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2y ago

Iwata and Reggie were a great pair at Nintendo. Not only in leadership but in their engagement with fans and community.