OneShot: World Machine Edition arrives on Switch today

You've got one shot...don't mess this up

22 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

OneShot: World Machine Edition was originally revealed for Switch during an Indie World Showcase, and a Summer 2022 release period was revealed. Today publisher DANGEN Entertainment has confirmed that OneShot: World Machine Edition is now available on Switch.

OneShot: World Machine Edition is a puzzle adventure game with metafictional elements where the player guides a child named Niko on a quest to revive the long dead sun in a desolate world. Niko is aware that the player exists. Over the course of the game, Niko will develop a bond with the player as they cross the barren land together in an attempt to restore the sun to the world.

The player and Niko must explore different areas of a post-apocalyptic world, talk to NPCs, find items and solve puzzles. The game is played in a top-down 2D perspective and items can be used to interact with a specific location, or be combined to form a new item.

In the console version of OneShot, players will operate the game via “The World Machine,” a built-in operating system which allows the player to run OneShot on their video game console. The top-down game play window can be minimized anytime and the player can access files within the OS like a computer.

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