Hi-Rez has released a mid-patch balance update for Rogue Company, and you can learn all about it in the video above. We also have the patch notes for this hotfix, which you can read in full below.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a minor extra spacing issue in the EULA agreement
  • Abilities should no recharge properly in Ranked Demolition
  • Added the correct description of Anvil’s Barricade which should read ““Deploy a barricade that blocks damage and movement. Max two deployed. (40s Cooldown)”
  • Dahlia should no longer start with her primary weapon when swapping sides in Demolition if linked to Runway
  • Fixed an issue with intense camera pop when the player crouched

Balance Changes

  • LMPX bodyshot damage nerf
  • Bodyshot damage has been reduced
  • Damage Falloff decreased

We like the identity of the LMPX having some of the highest accuracy of the SMG class, offering consistency at range and a high payoff for headshots. We think that the bodyshot ttk of the gun was a bit too competitive with other SMGs up close so we’re nerfing the bodyshot damage the weapon does at short range, but making it fall off less to stay competitive at longer ranges.

A3 Salvo nerf

  • Bodyshot damage has been reduced
  • Time between shots increased (Fire rate reduced)

The A3 salvo was flying under the radar with one of the best bodyshot TTK’s in the game, it’s a bit too potent for where we want our sidearms to be so we’re bringing it more in line with the rest of the class

Revolver Buff

  • Body Damage increased
  • Falloff decreased

We feel the revolver needs a bit more lethality at range given it’s limited mag size that can’t be increased to stay competitve with the other pistols in a world with more access to armor and toughness.

Kestrel Drone has had a radius and damage buff

This is the first of some of the improvements we’re looking to make to Kestrel, the next improvements to her will be focused on reducing the likelihood of you accidentally hitting a corner in front of you with your drones and killing yourself.

  • Fixed an issue with the crosshair while hipfiring the conviction

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