Fans have been asking for a re-release of GoldenEye 007 for decades now, with many wanting nothing more than the original game in HD. Those wishes are finally coming true in 2023 for both Switch and Xbox Series X/S fans, but making the release happen was no easy task.

RARE boss Craig Duncan spoke a bit on how the project came together, and it seems they’ve been trying to make it happen for years now. Duncan said the original idea was to have the game launch for RARE Replay back in 2015, which would have also been RARE’s 30th anniversary. Obviously that didn’t happen, and it would take 7 more years to bring things together.

You can see Duncan’s full statement on the matter below, which makes it clear that persistence was the key in making this re-release a reality.

“As you can imagine, things involving licences and published games just have complexity. So my answer to your question is there were lots of conversations, lots of conversations with our friends at Nintendo, the folks at MGM, the folks at Xbox, and we just kept talking until we made it happen. We made it happen, so I’m proud of that.”

[RARE boss Craig Duncan]

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1+ y ago

Hopefully both re-releases are well received and everyone enjoys them.


1+ y ago

Wait… 2023? We get a new N64 game added to NSO every month, and we still have 4 months to fill for 2022, but only 3 games announced. I was very hopeful that 007 would be the surprise game announcement for September this month. Did I miss a 2023 announcement?


1+ y ago

Well, the only "friends" they mentioned, are Nintendo... I guess they were not the problem?

the schaef

1+ y ago

This is all well and good, but Craig Duncan came on board somewhere between the Viva Pinata and Kinect Sports stages of Rare's legacy. It might have meant more if the Rare of the last ten years was the same Rare of the 90s. A lot of those guys are at Playtonic now.