Penny Blood characters profile, Sanity Points detailed

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22 September 2022
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The latest issue of Famitsu has yet another feature on Penny Blood, and this one gives us details on more characters and the Sanity Points system. You can see a complete breakdown of the info below.

Sanity Points

  • you will still be able to control your character, with both merits and demerits
  • when you lose all of your SP, your character becomes berserk
  • you will still be able to issue commands, but the Psycho Sigil will go faster
  • at the same time, you’ll also have to deal with smaller hitboxes
  • while your character’s ATK will go up, their DEF will go down
  • you character will not be able to defend themselves or escape.
  • when insane, a character can use hidden abilities


  • ten-year-old Inheritor from western Ukraine
  • Luca was taken away from his parents and lived alone in a castle on a cliff
  • Luca has unnatural powers, like the ability to heal wounds with a touch
  • Luca can also cause shockwaves when angry
  • Luca joins Matthew in order to search for his parents
  • In battle, Luca can turn into a wolf, and he uses his small claws and fangs


  • a fake magician originally from Sicily, but now lives in Monte Carlo
  • Vito is an immoral alcoholic and gambler
  • Vito can create illusions and confuse people’s hearts
  • Vito doesn’t like to talk about his past associations with an underground organization
  • Vito lives in fear from his pursuers
  • instead of using weapons, Vito can copy an enemy’s skills and create an identical illusion

Candy Nation

  • hails from Eureka Springs, Arkansas
  • attends a prestigious school for girls in New York
  • Candy is a passionate activist and suffragette
  • Candy dreams of becoming the first female American President
  • Candy is quick to jump to conclusions and has a habit of rampaging on her own


  • a homunculus that Doctor Frankenstein created over a hundred years ago
  • an explorer found him in the Arctic, and then he was sold off to slavers afterwards
  • Goliath worked loyally for his various owners, but time has taken its toll on his body
  • Goliath has lost over half of his original strength
  • Goliath is scared of others due to misunderstandings from his appearance
  • Goliath is very kind at heart and he tries to help Candy after she saved him
  • Candy often ends up lecturing Goliath
  • Goliath uses a round object in battle

Roxane Archambeau

  • a dhampyr jazz singer who works as a vigilante at night
  • Roxane is one of the survivors of the Titanic disaster


  • a group who plays an important role in side stories
  • the Hellhounders are a group of assassins who murdered politicians and millionaires after the end of World War I

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