DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate is heading to the Switch at some point in the future, but the Meta Quest 2 release is happening first. In fact, the game has just launched on Meta Quest 2, which is the reason why a new trailer for the game has been shared. It at least gives us another look at the game, albeit from a VR perspective. While the game will play a bit differently on Switch, you can still check out the trailer above to get an idea of what DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate is all about.

DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate is a science fiction title where players take on the role of Hal, a Special Supervisor in Astrum Close City. A futuristic marine location, Astrum Close City is a place where crime has been eradicated. When the founder of the city is suddenly murdered, Hal must step in and bring the suspect to justice.

Able to access the memories of objects around him and alter the past using an ability called Memory Dive, Hal will have to back up what he discovers with evidence and theories in order to convince others and push the narrative forward. Everything players see could be a potential clue so paying attention and taking in every detail is paramount.

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I haven't heard of the game at all (and i have NO idea what Meta Quest 2 even is) but it looks right up my alley.