Publisher RedDeer.Games has announced that League of Enthusiastic Losers, a story-based adventure game from developer Tookond, is available on Switch. The game is normally priced at $10, but there’s a whopping 80% discount for a limited time, making the game just $2.

Vitya and Volodya - two best friends and heroes of our story - swim with a struggle in everyday life and try to stay afloat. Facing an eviction, they decide to find a treasure that will help with debt repayment.

In the course of the adventure, they will meet many new friends, witnessing unaverage (or in the eyes of some very average) events for a typical housing complex.

Take a stroll in the red and white trolley on the streets of former USSR Moscow. Face the problems of a young generation of liberated, though not entirely free, Russia. Learn about everyday life. Experience the bittersweet taste of finding yourself in adulthood.

Decide the fate of your heroes and guide them towards happily ever after. Thanks to the charming graphics you will be transported straight back to the time when the internet was a western invention.

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