Last we heard, Netflix’s animated Sonic Prime series was slated to launch sometime in 2022. Earlier today, it still seemed like that was the case. Just a few hours later, and now there’s some confusion surrounding release timing.

A few hours back, the official Netflix Geeked Twitter account shared a statement about Sonic Prime seeing release in 2022. Shortly after that tweet was shared, it was deleted without any explanation. Either the tweet went out too early, or something is up with Sonic Prime’s release.

To put things in perspective, WildBrain Studios, the team animating Sonic Prime, was looking for new animators to work on the project just two weeks back. They listed 6 different positions they were looking to fill, which certainly seems like a lot for a project that’s set to launch later this year.

Let’s just hope this was a mistake on Netflix’s part, and all is well with Sonic Prime. We’ll try to get a statement on this matter to clear things up.

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