When it comes to games that require some insane twitch skills, Celeste is certainly near the top. Just making it through the game in general can be a major challenge, and it no doubt results in countless deaths. Anyone who saw the game through to the end by ANY means should be extremely proud of themselves, but there’s one person who now has bragging rights above everyone else.

Twitch streamer Rickfernello is now the first person in the world to achieve 100% completion in Celeste without dying a single time. It’s a feat that took Rickfernello over 600 hours of practice to achieve. Rickfernello spent the better part of year practicing every portion of the game to perfection, and then pieced everything together in the ultimate run.

If you want to see ever jump, dodge, and close call in the run, you can watch the entire thing here.

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2+ y ago

I mean that is just amazing. congratulations


2+ y ago


I can't even imagine pulling that off. I had a hard enough time with the game as it is!