We’ve seen Super Mario Bros. and Paper Mario, but you’ve never seen a paper Mario like this!

There have been countless Super Mario Bros. tributes over the years, including ones utilizing all kinds of paper art. The above Super Mario Bros. Papercraft tribute goes a HUGE step further, though. Not only does it look absolutely gorgeous, it’s actually playable as well.

It’s true…the above trailer isn’t just an animation someone threw together. That would be impressive in and of itself, but this project is actually playable! Now, there’s a lot of kinks to work out and the experience can be rather buggy, but it’s definitely more than a proof of concept.

If you want to try out the Super Mario Bros. papercraft demo for yourself, you can find it here.

Editor’s Note: I’m sure this goes without saying, but this project is not officially made by Nintendo. Please keep that in mind should you decide to play.

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2y ago

Used to do this in elementary school (although obviously without any of the presentation value or you know, actual good-looking art). I called them Paper Video Games and every kid wanted me to make them for them. Nobody seemed to make their own, weirdly, they all came to me. It was great.


2y ago


Sounds like the perfect time to resurrect the hobby!