Reddit recently hosted an AMA with developers Hiroki Ishii, Akifumi Kaneko, and Matsuzo Machida, and all of them gathered to talk about the Kickstarter projects Penny Blood and Armed Fantasia. The team had a few new details to share on their respective projects, and you can read a summary of the details below.

Armed Fantasia

  • play time will be around 30 to 40 hours
  • no plans for a sequel right now
  • setting will be a mix of Wild Arms 2 and 3
  • there will be vehicles, with a convertible being among them
  • a major theme for Armed Fantasia is “meeting new allies and the bonds you create between those people.”

Penny Blood

  • play time will be around 30-40 hours
  • there is interest in a sequel, but it depends on the reception to this installment
  • there will be a queer party member
  • the game will utilize a 3D camera
  • all of the characters in the party will have their own elemental affinity
  • the elements will be the same as the ones in Shadow Hearts
  • publishers did not let Shadow Hearts use heavily grotesque imagery or lean into horror
  • Penny Blood will emphasize these features and the story will be aimed towards adults
  • there will be comedic elements to the story as well
  • the bestiary will have flavor text
  • there will be not be any side stories
  • Baby Cthulhu is the game’s mascot character
  • you will be able to feed Baby Cthulhu the blood and flesh of monsters
  • Baby Cthulhu’s maturity will affect if you get the ‘good’ ending or not

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