Developer Dramatic Iceberg and publisher Bonus Stage Publishing have announced that Garden In, their upcoming cozy and peaceful sandbox game, will be coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2023. A proper release date has yet to be announced. Check out more details on Garden In! below via the official press release.

The game starts in one room in which you are tasked to decorate to your liking. Your room is basically a perfect little sandbox in which you can move furniture around, paint the environment, and most importantly: grow plants. A lot of plants.

At first you have a few seeds available, you can plant them in soil, water, rocks, and you have a few pots to choose from. But as you advance, combine different seeds and try out different growing conditions, your seed library will grow and grow, until you are the most advanced horticulturist in the world. You also unlock new rooms and areas by playing the game further.

“We started making the game because none of our team was able to keep their plants alive. We then decided we needed to learn some gardening skills, and just like that was the idea for the game born”, says Tommaso Verde from Dramatic Iceberg.

Garden In! is something we all need in our lives nowadays – relaxing and beautiful, with no worries or stress of the outside world. “We’re extremely happy to work with the publishing of Garden In because in the midst of the busy world we all need some time to relax in our gardens. Also what makes us happy is that thanks to our partner Double Jump Capital we’re able to maximise the production quality of the game with their investment in the game.”

Brett M. Brown, Managing Partner of Double Jump Capital said: “We are extremely excited to partner with Dramatic Iceberg and Bonus Stage Publishing to bring such a fun game to market. We see enormous potential in supporting such an innovative, entertaining and enjoyable game and look forward to the success of Garden In!”


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