Did you order a N64 game keychain from My Nintendo? If so, you might be surprised to learn that your order may have already showed up!

Reports are coming in of keychain orders arriving at My Nintendo member households. If you didn’t get your order today, keep an eye on your mailbox in the coming days, as there’s a very good chance your package will arrive this week.

If you didn’t order one of these keychain sets yet, there’s still time! Hop on over to the My Nintendo store and snag yours now.

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2y ago

I coule be wrong, but the keychains aren't showing up as Out of Stock on the Nintendo store when I look at it, so I think you can still nab them.

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2y ago


Wow, you're right! When I visited earlier, it told me they were no longer stocked. I just went back now, and I had the option to add them! I just updated the story now with that info. Thanks!


2y ago

Seeing Gamexplains video, looks like they do not have the back of the box art like I hoped, but are double sided with the front of the box at least


2y ago


Oh wow, that was a fast restock!

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