There are plenty of things that are iconic about the Earthbound franchise, and the soundtrack is definitely one of them. If you’re a huge fan of Earthbound and the music that accompanies it, you’ll be happy to know that a 2XLP vinyl release of the game’s tunes is now up for grabs from Ship to Shore PhonoCo..

For the first time ever on vinyl, Ship to Shore PhonoCo., in conjunction with Sony Music Entertainment, is proud to present Hirokazu Tanaka & Keiichi Suzuki’s original soundtrack to the 1994 SNES classic, Earthbound. You can choose from either orange or blue marble variants, and each one is priced at $45.

You can see the full track listing for this album below:

Side A

  1. Prologue
  2. Onett
  3. Twoson
  4. Saturn Valley
  5. Winters
  6. Threek
  7. Doko Doko Desert
  8. Fourside
  9. Moonside

Side B

  1. Ramma
  2. Summers
  3. Scarabi
  4. Dungeon Man
  5. Cursed Jungles
  6. Gumi Village
  7. The Under World
  8. Magicant
  9. The Great Under World

Side C

  1. Final Battle
  2. Love & Peace
  3. Ending

Side D

  1. Room Number (PSI Mix)
  2. Hula-Hoop (PSI Mix)
  3. Another 2 (PSI Mix)

If this seems like a must-have to you, you can make your purchase through this link.

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