Indie devs discuss how easy it is to work with Nintendo

Coming from an EDGE interview with Nyamyam's Phil Tossell...

“In the back of our minds we had been thinking that the Wii U could work well with the game, but with such a small team we didn’t have time to pursue it further and we didn’t really know how to go about getting in touch with Nintendo.

From the time I’d worked at Rare I had a good understanding of how things were typically done at Nintendo. They were always incredibly secretive, which is in part where Rare developed its secretive culture as well. Given those past experiences, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much more approachable and open Nintendo have been.

We made it clear that it was important to us that we would be able to self-publish and they were fine with this. Publicly Nintendo are not as good at demonstrating the support that they give to indies as Sony are, for example. However behind the scenes the support they are giving us is great.”

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