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Onion Assault is a short and snappy 2D platformer by the team who brought us the classic Gunman Clive, Super Punch Patrol and Mechstermination Force.

As with their previous releases, Onion Assault is a thoughtfully-crafted love letter to great games of yore. This time, Super Mario Bros. 2 is firmly under the spotlight, as the main hook of Onion Assault is the same; lift objects (usually the titular Onions) and enemies and then throw them around to reach the end of a level.


Getting to the core of things

09 January 2023
by gn-nakasan 0

In 1997, Square set the gaming landscape on fire when it released Final Fantasy 7. Gaming urban legend says the misleading adverts caused the core JRPG to become the most returned videogame of all time. Nevertheless, given its sales numbers and enormous cultural impact, there’s no doubt it was a breakout success.

In 2004, the newly-merged Square Enix would begin expanding the world of Final Fantasy 7 through a movie and multiple spin-off games. The best received of these games was the 2007 PSP entry called Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – an action-oriented RPG that serves as a prequel to the original Final Fantasy 7.

In June 2022, Square Enix held a 25th Anniversary celebration of the original Final Fantasy 7 and revealed Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion – an Unreal Engine 4 remaster of the 2007 game destined for all current consoles.

REVIEW: Life is Strange Arcadia Bay Collection is still a Hella good time

Rewind time and game like it's 2015, this time on Switch!

27 October 2022
by gn-nakasan 2

Life is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection releases EXCLUSIVELY on Nintendo Switch around 8 months after the very similarly titled (but apparently promotionally different) Life is Strange: Remastered Collection. Both collections contain the same original graphic adventure games from the Life is Strange series, both contain new rendering tricks such as lighting, new facial animations, new character models, and both feature the much-improved lip syncing.

And yet, Square Enix still decided to remove the Remastered moniker from the Switch version. This is telling, and it’s a choice I agree with.

REVIEW: Super Bullet Break is a cute deck-builder that eschews microtransactions

Super deck building fun, without breaking the bank

12 August 2022
by gn-nakasan 0

Super Bullet Break sets out to be a hard-as-nails Rogue-like Deck Builder with Gacha mechanics (without the microtransactions!) draped in sweet-as-sugar anime styling - and it succeeds in every area. Whether that’s a good thing will come down to personal taste or preference, but as far as execution and value for money is concerned, it’s purrfect.


Life is Strange: True Colors marks the Nintendo debut of this 7-year-old series, and this standalone story just so happens to be the best entry in the franchise to date.

True Colors is set entirely in the quintessential mining town of Haven Springs, Colorado, and is a narrative-driven adventure game that puts you in the shoes of Alex Chen, a young woman with a level of empathy that goes far beyond what could be considered natural. This ability has her feeling scared, as she considers her power a “curse”.

After leaving foster care, Alex is on her way to the charming and rustic town to reunite with her brother, Gabe, who recently made a bit of a life for himself in Haven Springs. Sadly, this new beginning for Alex is abruptly interrupted by a tragic “accident,’’ and it’s up to you to unravel the mystery behind how this accident came to pass.

REVIEW: Boreal Tenebrae is a big swing, but an equally big miss

Think the title's confusing? Wait till you meet the Moose

23 May 2022
by gn-nakasan 0

It’s always exciting when a game dares to be different or attempts to push boundaries. From the opening minutes of Boreal Tenebrae, I knew I was in for a unique narrative journey. Sadly, that excitement turned to frustration, caused by the litany of bugs and control issues I experienced. My time with the game ultimately ended in resigned disappointment when one bug in particular ended all hopes of any further progression.

REVIEW: Tormented Souls is Classic Survival Horror at its very best

You have once again entered the world of survival horror...

18 May 2022
by gn-nakasan 2

Tormented Souls is a modern, all-new entry in the classic Survival Horror genre that first released back in late 2021 on Steam, PS5 and Xbox Series. It would take a number of months for the game to finally arrive on Nintendo’s Switch but, oh boy, was it worth the wait.

Playing the role of Caroline Walker you must explore the darkest corners of a large, abandoned mansion-turned-hospital to hunt down information about a pair of missing twin girls. Along the way you’ll need to solve puzzles that aid in unraveling the mystery and fight monstrous enemies in combat that feels tense and claustrophobic.

Let's make a Rock Sirloin cake for Majora's Mask's 22nd birthday!

You've met with a terrible cake, haven't you?

27 April 2022
by gn-nakasan 3

Released on April 27th, 2000 in Japan, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask came about in a time before global day-and-date releases were the norm. It took an agonizing 7 months for Majora’s Mask’s localization to be completed before I could get my hands on it here in England.

REVIEW: Frightence delivers scares, confusion and tedium

You cannot run, you cannot hide... no really, no run button.

01 April 2022
by gn-nakasan 4

In Frightence, an apartment building named Apartment 17 is home to urban legends, scary stories and many odd residents. “The City” has served it an Eviction Notice to be completed by the end of tomorrow, and you play as the building’s Janitor on the last night of his job. Knowing that most people have already left, your task is to check in on the remaining residents to ensure they move out on time.

Inexplicably, once this context has been delivered via the short intro, the main character is awoken in the building’s dirty basement by a monstrous looking individual. This strange person tells you that the building depends on you and you need to take care of her, then mysteriously vanishes. The main character doesn’t comment on this bizarre occurrence, or even seem shaken by it. Instead, they just get up and begin their job of checking on each apartment.


There’s an early moment in the darkly comedic What Lies in the Multiverse where the Trigger Warning presented at start-up is earned. Using the core universe-switching mechanic – a skill taught to you through gameplay and laugh-out-loud dialogue between the two protagonists – you’re suddenly made aware of how dark the developers are willing to be. It’s a haunting moment within the story, but handled with the same care and attention that is present throughout this masterfully-produced game.

Never Alone: Arctic Collection Review

Just a girl and her fox

02 March 2022
by gn-nakasan 0

Never Alone: Arctic Collection contains ports of 2014’s 2D puzzle-platformer Never Alone, and its brief DLC chapter, “Foxtales.” Originally created by the newly-formed Upper One Games, along with help from the Cook Inlet Tribal Council and Iñupiaq writer Ishmael Hope to ensure accuracy, Never Alone tells the traditional Iñupiaq tale “Kunuuksaayuka”, literally translating to “I am not alone.”

Maglam Lord Review | Spoiler-Free

Sympathy For The Devil?

27 February 2022
by gn-nakasan 0

A 15-hour Visual Novel romp with charming characters, lightweight ARPG mechanics, plenty of weapon customisation, great anime styling and a minor emphasis on dating makes Maglam Lord an enjoyable partner to spend some time with – even if it does frustrate in a few under-developed areas.

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