Super Kirby Clash's Jan. 2020 password distributed

An apple a day for Dr. Kirby

Still popping in on Super Kirby Clash from time to time? Nintendo has given another excuse to fire up the game one more time. They've distributed their special code for January 2020, which will net you 10 Gem Apples for free. Just use the code DOCTORHEALMORE and you're good to go!

Banpresto releasing "Kirby's Dolce Collection" box that's jam-packed with merch

A box of Kirby goodies!

Jealous of Japan and all the amazing Kirby merch they get? Banpresto has come up with a solution to the problem, and it's only going to cost you $30.

The company is releasing the Kirby's Dolce Collectino box, which includes three pieces of the Kirby Paldolce collection. Along with that, the box also includes some keychains, and a plush doll. Preorders are open until Feb. 16th, 2020, and the boxes are set to ship sometime in July 2020. Lock in your preorder here!

Check out Mario and Kirby artwork celebrating the New Year

Happy new year from Nintendo!

We have two pieces of New Year's art featuring Nintendo characters to share. First up is the image above, which was shared on the Switch news channel. It was posted with the following message.

“We would like to wish everyone a bright 2020 with full of smiles. Please treat us well this year!”

A special Kirby image was shared to celebrate the new year as well. It was posted alongside the following message.

“This year is finally over! In Dream Land, the “Popopo Song Battle” is held to end the year! Now the next contestant … It’s Kirby! ! What is that? Somehow the venue is in an uproar… oh, the guests! Please don’t go home yet! The song battle is still to come! !”

Nintendo releases "inspirational music video" for Super Kirby Clash

Thanks, Nintendo...very cool

Have you been wondering why Nintendo doesn't release more music videos? I think we all have, right? Well looks like Nintendo has been feeling the same way as well, as they've put out a new musical feature for Super Kirby Clash. Check out the 3-minute "inspirational musical video" for the free-to-start game above.

Super Kirby Clash hits 4 million downloads

Congrats, Kirby!

Super Kirby Clash has been available on the Switch since Sept. 2019, and Nintendo has announced that the game managed to find a home with quite a few Switch owners. As of Dec. 2019, the game has been downloaded over 4 million times worldwide. That might have something to do with the game being available for free, but 4 million is still impressive nonetheless!

Karaoke JOYSOUND for Switch getting free-to-play days in January 2020, new Kirby tune available

Some free Karaoke for the holidays

Nintendo has announced that Karaoke JOYSOUND for Switch is getting free-to-play days on Jan. 4th and 11th, 2020. Along with that, ticket prices will be reduced from Dec. 30th, 2019 to Jan. 13th, 2020. The discounted prices can be seen below.

3 hours: 330 yen → 200 yen
24 hours: 550 yen → 300 yen
30 days: 1,540 yen → 1,000 yen
90 days: 3,080 yen → 2,000 yen

Finally, “Green Tree Memories from Kirby” from Super Kirby Clash is now available in Karaoke JOYSOUND for Switch.

Gem Apples are 20% off for a limited time in Super Kirby Clash

How about them apples?

Nintendo of America has announced that Gem Apples will be 20% off in Super Kirby Clash from December 29th - January 14th, 2020. Make sure to stock up before the price goes back up!

Kirby Twitter account shares holiday-themed artwork

Kirby and Whispy Woods bank releasing in Japan

Start saving up now!

The never-ending flood of Kirby merch in Japan is already gearing up for 2020 in a big way with the brand-new Kirby and Whispy Woods bank. This 20cm bank features Kirby sitting on the Whispy Woods tree as it sways back and forth. This item will release in Japan in April 2020.

Kirby Star Allies submitted for release in China

Kirby takes a trip to China

Nintendo and Tencent are lining up some more Switch titles to see official release in China, and it looks like Kirby is going to be joining the party soon. Kirby Star Allies was submitted for approval as of today, and now it's just waiting for approval. If all goes smoothly, the game could be up for sale in China very shortly.


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