Premium Bandai reveals Kirby Hat Studio Banpresto Box

A tip of the hat to Kirby

Premium Bandai's first Kirby box was the Dolce Collection, which pleased many a fan. Now Premium Bandai is back with their second Kirby box, and this one has a complete different theme.

This time around, fans will get to enjoy the Kirby Hat Studio Banpresto Box. Every box includes Kirby, Waddle Dee, and (Shopkeeper) Magolor, along with a blanket that features a scene of Kirby trying on numerous hats. There's also a matching towel included as well. Finally, you'll also find a Kirby mascot plush complete with bowler and bowtie.

The Premium Bandai Kirby Hat Studio Banpresto Box is priced at $29.99, plus tax and shipping. The box ships out in January of 2021, and preorders close on August 31st, 2020.

Re-Ment announces new line of Kirby and Pokemon blind box collectibles

Two gorgeous lines

Re-Ment has put out plenty of high-quality Nintendo collectibles in the past, and now they're back with two more lines that should make Nintendo fans happy.

First up is the Pokemon 'Stariums' series, which are priced at 850 yen a piece. Each blind box includes one Pokemon and a starry backdrop that you can place them on.

Along with that, Re-Ment is releasing a Kirby Pittori Collection that features Kirby characters hanging onto small colored cubes. Each figurine in the Kirby Pittori Collection is priced at 550 yen a piece.

Both the Pokemon Stariums and Kirby Pittori Collection are set to launch in Japan on August 3rd, 2020.

Nintendo Europe adds Astral Chain, Kirby Star Allies, and Dragon Quest Builders 2 to the 'Double Gold Points Fest' for My Nintendo members

Three more big names join the fun

Three more games have been added to Nintendo of Europe's "Double Gold Points Fest" promotion. From now until August 12th, My Nintendo Members will receive double gold points for purchasing Astral Chain, Kirby Star Allies, and Dragon Quest Builders 2 from the Nintendo eShop. Get full details on the campaign below.

Enjoy a summer surprise with our Double Gold Points Fest, now running on Nintendo eShop! From now until August 12th, earn up to 10% of your money back as Gold Points*, when you buy selected Nintendo Switch titles.

Every Thursday until 30/07, we’ll add three new games that will reward you with double Gold Points**, so make sure to check back often to see what’s been added. All games listed below will grant you double Gold Points, so long as you purchase them before August 12th.

The Kirby character renders that appear on the Kirby Personality Quiz appear to be new (UPDATE)

UPDATE - After some research, it appears that this artwork might come from Kirby Triple Deluxe.

There has been a recent Kirby-themed personality quiz that has been going around that informs its users what Kirby character or copy ability best suits them. It has been recently discovered that the personality quiz also features new renders of Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee. The models appear to be based on Kirby Star Allies, but the fact that there's new artwork at all in this personality quiz at least demonstrates that the development team is still keeping busy with their models!

New 2021 Kirby Calendars now available for purchase in Japan

A new set of Kirby merchandise is now available to purchase in Japan! Special Kirby-themed 2021 calendars, notebooks, papers, and stickers featuring Kirby's various power-ups appear all throughout the merchandise. The whole set can be purchased for ¥1,600.

Click here to visit the order page!

Keys Factory re-releasing select Kirby Switch accessories

A popular series returns

Keys Factory has announced a second run for some of their Kirby-themed Switch accessories. It looks like the first run was quite successful, and items have been sold out for some time. Fans will be happy to know that the Kirby Kisekae Set and Kirby Quick Pouch, will return to Japanese retailers in Sept. 2020.

Kirby Cafe Tokyo/Hakata reveals Summer merch line

Summertime with Kirby!

A new round of Kirby merch is on the way to Japan, as confirmed by Teamkirby92. Kirby Cafe in Tokyo and Hakata are adding a Kirby Cafe Summer line, which includes a whole host of items. Customers will be able to snag t-shirts, tote bags, badge collections, and more. The lineup is set to launch on July 9th, 2020.

Banpresto releasing "Kirby Hat Studio" box, featuring items previously only available through Japanese lotteries

Look how cute Kirby is in his little hat!

In September of last year, a ichiban kuji (basically a Japanese in-store lottery) was held for exclusive Kirby Hat Studio products. While previously only obtainable in Japan, Banpresto has announced that they will be releasing a Premium Bandai box featuring some of the Kirby products from the collection! An all new 4.7" Kirby plush keychain will also be included.

Available from July 22nd until August 31st, the Premium Bandai Kirby Hat Studio Banpresto Box is priced at $29.99 with a January 2021 delivery date. Check out the pre-order page here!

Kirby ‘Minimagination Town’ plush series revealed

The latest cute Kirby merch

Takara Tomy has revealed a Kirby ‘Minimagination Town’ plush series that's going to see release in Japan. The series is set to launch sometime in Aug. 2020, and it includes the following.

- Pink Kirby
- Blue Kirby
- Yellow Kirby
- Waddle Dee
- Cloud house
- Whispy Woods
- Maxim Tomato Car
- Warp Star

Kirby Dream Train 2020 merch revealed

All aboard with new merch!

We knew that the Kirby Dream Train line was going to get a new round of merch for 2020, and now that lineup has been revealed. The lineup includes a number of new plush dolls, train passes, notebooks, tape, bags, shirts, and so much more. You can check out pictures of the entire lineup here.


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