Nintendo grabs a new trademark for Kirby

Sounds like more Kirby merch is on the way

Nintendo has filed for a new trademark for Kirby in Japan. This trademark applies to designated goods and designated services, including merchandise, clothing, stationary, beverages, entertainment services, and more. No specific bits of merch were shown in the patent.

Check out yet another wave of Kirby merch on the way to Japan

Merch madness

Kirby enjoys a never-ending flood of merch in Japan, and the next wave of content has been revealed. U-Treasure is releasing a series of different watches depicting Kirby imagery, and they're set to launch on Nov. 26th, 2019. Check out more pics of the watchers here.

There's also a series of Kirby lottery items that will be up for grabs. This includes plush dolls, place settings, plates, and more. Check out all the goodies here.

New Kirby plush mascots releasing in Japan

Sparkle sparkle

A new series of Kirby plush mascots are going to release in Japan on Nov. 21st, 2019. These will be available in various claw machines across Japan, and are being stocked by SEGA. All four plush dolls use a special sparkling fabric!

Kirby's voice actress details the process of recording lines for 'Kirby Terry' in Smash Bros. Ultimate

It was a secret at first!

Terry Bogard is now available in Smash Bros. Ultimate, which means Kirby has a new transformation. In a new blog post, voice actress Makiko Ohmoto, who performs the voice of Kirby, explained how it all went down. Check out the full blog post below, with translation courtesy of PushDustIn and Ninten89.

So Terry participated in Super Smash Bros. I almost never play fighting games; I only played two of them: Street Fighter 2 and Fatal Fury, when I played it together with my younger brother who really enjoys them.

During the recording, they would always say “This is a character from a certain game” without actually telling me the actual title, but I remember hearing these quotes very much.

So when I asked,
“Is this Fatal Fury?”
“Oops! It got spoiled. That’s right.”
“Is this Terry Bogard?”
“That’s right, that’s right.”

Yaaaay!! It’s Terry! And thus personally, my tension went up so much. I tried to imitate something like native English. Was that how his voice [sounded like] at that time?

Screaming the very famous finisher attack quotes of protagonists from games I played in the past, like SF2, Garou, and also Dragon Quest, is a really pleasant thing.

Recalling those memories is so fun. The people who created them should have had even more fun.

I just watched the video right now. Sakurai-san… he created over 20 models… He also included 50 songs… He always throws the ball with all his might in order to make everyone pleased the most as always, that’s really great indeed!

And Terry is cool~ If I can use him it’s going to be so much fun~ But it might look difficult Dear all veterans, please handle him well.

I also wanted to say ‘Burn Knuckle!’

“Good Night Kirby – Always Kirby” picture book announced for Japan

Sweet dreams, Kirby

Kirby fans in Japan will have yet another book to pick up in the near future. Japanese publisher Shogakukan has announced plans to release a picture book called “Good Night Kirby – Always Kirby” in Japan on Dec. 6th, 2019. The book is aimed at children, and includes an 18-page story that's meant to be read before bed.

New menu items, merch and pics of Kirby Cafe Tokyo revealed

The best Kirby Cafe yet!

Kirby Cafe Tokyo is opening Nov. 22nd, 2019, and it's giong to be the first official Kirby Cafe that's a permanent fixture from the get-go. As usual, this Kirby Cafe will offer up unique menu items and exclusive merch. Among the usual plush dolls and figurines, Kirby Cafe Tokyo will also be selling a second Kirby Cafe Original Arrangement BGM CD, which features 15 new songs. You can check out pics of the cafe itself, the menu lineup, merch, and more here.

Take a first look at Kirby’s Dreamy Gear plush line

The Kirby merch line continues

UFO Big will be adding their Kirby’s Dreamy Gear plush line to claw games in Japan sometime in March 2020. We knew the plushes were coming, but today is our first look at the actual designs. Kirby clocks in at 30cm, while both Meta Knight and Waddle Dee are 20cm.

Kirby Cafe Hakata shows off new menu items and merch

A revamp for the Nov. 14th reopening

Kirby Cafe Hakata is reopening on Nov. 14th, 2019, and it's bringing a new line of menu items and merch with it. You can see all the new goodies int he gallery above, or read up on the details below.

Menu items

- Inhale Kirby! Stick Salad
- Inhale Kirby! Tonkotsu Ramen dog
- Kirby’s beef stew with vegetables
- Kirby’s search in the clouds strawberry cheesecake & cream


- Letter Set
- Acrylic Coasters
- Mini Memo Sets
- Strawberry Flavor Coffee Blend

Exclusive Bonuses

- a plate when you order a Kirby burger
- a mug when you order Cafe au Lait
- a mason jar when you order the orange or grape drink
- all customers who dine at the cafe or purchase items at the store will receive a sticker

Tsutaya getting another round of exclusive Kirby merch

Pots, pans, scales, and more!

Tsutaya is releasing a second wave of exclusive Kirby merch that's up for grabs for Kirby T-Card holders. Kirby T-Cards can be used to earn points at Tsutaya locations and partner stores, which can then be spent on goodies like the ones above. If you want a better look at each item up for grabs, check out more pics here.

Check out the various Kirby merch in the Wado's Toy Shop line

Kirby crazy!

We recently covered the announcement of the Wado's Toy Shop line of Kirby toys, which are at the Yamashiroya toy store in Ueno, Tokyo until Nov. 24th, 2019. We've run down the various items in the collection, but now we actually get to see what they look like! Check out the gallery above to see all sorts of wonderful goodies.


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