RUMOR - Smash Bros. Ultimate's Challenger Pack 4 DLC will feature an SNK character (UPDATE)

Could it be true?

UPDATE - The page has been taken down by Nintendo. Also, it's worth mentioning that this might have been a mistake, as the info on the page matched up with a listing of DLC for SNK Heroines.

Here's a bit of a rumor for you about the future DLC for Smash Bros. Ultimate. Wondering who's going to be in Challenger Pack 4? According to the Nintendo UK hub listing for the pack, the character is going to have ties to SNK. We know this thanks to a mention of SNK on the hub page.

Could this be a mistake on Nintendo's part? It certainly could be, and it's likely the info will be removed soon. I guess we'll find out for sure when the next Smash Bros. Ultimate character reveal trailer rolls around!

Thanks to Dondom95 and Andreslop24 for the heads up!

Time for the yearly rumor of Call of Duty coming to Switch

Will this be another false alarm?

Every year, it seems some sort of rumor pops up about Call of Duty coming to Switch. There were two credible rumors in a row, and both turned out to be fake. Now we have the rumor for the third year, and again, there's certainly enough here to get fans' hope up.

Once again, the rumor ties into linking your Nintendo Account to a Call of Duty account. This is something you've been able to do since the Wii U days, as there was actually a CoD game on Wii U. What's the difference now? Well now you can link a Switch account, rather than a Wii U account.

Why on Earth would you be able to link a Switch account if there's no Call of Duty on Switch? Why bother to make the change at all unless there's something going on? I'm sure this'll all amount to nothing, but it's worth pondering!

RUMOR - New Pokemon anime series reveal coming next month

What's next for Ash?

The Pokemon anime series has been going strong for over 20 years now, and there's no doubt it'll continue on for many to come. What's next for the anime series? Rumor has it that something new is going to be revealed on Sept. 29th, 2019. We did hear recently that the Sept. 1st, 2019 episode of the Pokemon anime was going to have 'global exclusive' news to share. Perhaps these two tidbits are teasing the same thing!

The Lion King and Aladdin SNES/Genesis titles getting HD remakes (UPDATE - CONFIRMED)

The circle of life

Well here's a juicy rumor for Disney fans. Word is that remakes of The Lion King and Aladdin from the SNES/Genesis are in the works for the Switch. These games would include the original soundtracks alongside revamped HD visuals. This info was supposedly shared at the GameStop manager conference, so hopefully we can expect a confirmation soon.

UPDATE - This has now been confirmed. The combo title is set to launch sometime this Fall.

RUMOR: Hotline Miami Collection coming to Switch, plus more talk of Ori and the Blind Forest

It's getting hot in here

Nintendo's IndieWorld presentation is kicking off live tomorrow at 9 AM EDT, and Nintendo is sure to have all sorts of fun things to show. We've heard rumors from analyst Daniel Ahmad that two "hot" titles are going to be stealth-dropped during the presentation, and it seems one of them is going to be Superhot. Today we're hearing that the other will be a Hotline Miami collection featuring both games in the series. That certainly fits in nicely with the "hot" tease, and plenty of fans have told Devolver Digital that they want to see the series on Switch.

Following that, we've also been hearing rumors for months and months now that Ori and the Blind Forest was coming to Switch. Mr. Ahmad shared yet another tease yesterday about a Microsoft title being revealed for Switch during the IndieWorld presentation, and Ori makes a ton of sense. Following that tease, we're hearing that the game will indeed be announced, and will hit the Switch eShop on Sept. 27th, 2019.

RUMOR - Nintendo's IndieWorld Direct will reveal yet another Microsoft title for Switch, two games will be surprise-launched

Big things to look forward to

Daniel Ahmad is a Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, and he certainly has some connections in the game industry. Mr. Ahmad is flexing those connections by taking to Twitter and revealing two tidbits about Nintendo's IndieWorld Direct, which is set to air Monday at 9 AM EDT. Obviously this stuff isn't confirmed, but I'm guessing Ahmad is more than confident of his sources.

- another Microsoft-related title will be revealed for Switch
- two games will get surprise launches during the IndieWorld Direct

When it comes to the Microsoft-related game, I'm going to take a guess and say that it's Ori and the Blind Forest. That's the one game that has been rumored for awhile, but never came to be. As for the two other surprise-launch games, I have absolutely no idea!

RUMOR: Nintendo of America will exchange a Switch for the revised Switch for free, so long as you purchased after July 17th, 2019

What a deal!

Did you buy a Switch on or after July 17th, 2019, meaning you might have missed out on the revised Switch with better battery life? If so, you might be in luck, so long as you live in America.

We're hearing from multiple sources that Nintendo America is offering to replace your Switch for the revised Switch for free, minus the cost of shipping, so long as you can prove you've purchased your Switch on/after July 17th, 2019. If you've got the proof, Nintendo will swap out the old for the new, and that's it!

We've reached out to Nintendo for official comment on the matter, and will update this post with that info if/when it comes in.

RUMOR: Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville coming to Switch

Seems like a good fit

EA suffered a leak earlier today in the form of the debut trailer for Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. We know that an alpha test for the game was held recently, which was on Xbox One and PS4. That test is what paved the way for the trailer leak. The person behind the leak says that the game will also make its way to Switch, even though the alpha didn't appear on the platform. We'll just have to wait for official word from EA before we can mark this one confirmed.

RUMOR - Analogue might be working on a Game Boy clone

Is the Game Boy getting a new lease on life?

Analogue has released a number of platforms over the years that aim to give classic game fans a new way to play their favorite titles. There are options out there for the NES and SNES, and now it seems like the company might be targeting the Game Boy.

Analogue recently filed a trademark for the Analogue Pocket, which is obviously going to cater to portable games. With previous Analogue systems containing nods in their names to Nintendo platforms, the Analogue Pocket just makes sense alongside the Game Boy Pocket.

Nothing is official right now, but hopefully Analogue will share some details on what the Analogue Pocket if in the near future.

RUMOR - Nintendo working on further Switch revisions beyond Switch Lite

More than just Switch Lite coming?

Switch Lite comes out Sept. 20th, 2019, but is Nintendo already working on another round of hardware revisiions? The Wall Street Journal says they are, and they're getting info from supposed sources inside the company.

According to WSJ, Nintendo is working on more Switch revisions that could be higher-end models, which ties in nicely with Sharp VP Katsuaki Nomura stating that it will supply its IGZO display panels to a videogame client, although he did not name the company.


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