Kirby Cafe Store Tokyo set to open on March 12th, 2021, exclusive merch revealed

What a treat!

Nintendo has confirmed the grand opening for the permanent Kirby Cafe Store Tokyo. The new location is set to open its doors on March 12th, 2021, and it'll be the one-stop shop for all the Kirby merch you could want. That includes the new music box Kirby you see above, which plays the Green Greens theme. This is just one of the many items to head to Kirby Cafe Store Tokyo that you'll only find there.

Re-Ment reveals Kirby "A Wind for Tomorrow" Terrarium Collection

Have Kirby, will travel

Re-Ment has released quite a few Kirby Terrarium Collections so far, and it appears to be a line that does very well for them. That's why they keep returning to the well, and they're back yet again with a new line.

Re-Ment has revealed the "A Wind for Tomorrow" series, which showcases Kirby’s various modes of travel. There are six different terrariums in the collection, with the full series releasing in Japan on May 24th, 2021. The lineup is as follows.

- New Adventure
- Mike Kirby
- Mirror Kirby
- Fighter Kirby
- Wheelie Bike
- Warp Star

Kirby Mystic Perfume Bottle and plush line revealed

The latest fancy Kirby merch

There's been a lot of unique Kirby merch released over the years, and the next slate of items definitely fits in with that. A series of six Kirby Mystic Perfume bottles have been revealed, and each one is themed off of a different Kirby character. The bottles pay tribute to Marx, Zero, Magolor, Queen Sectonia, Star Dream, and Void Termina. As far as we know, they don't have any actual fragrances in them.

Along with that, a set of new Mirror Kirby plushes will be released as well. These use glitter materials and velour to make them extra fancy. The series will launch sometime in April 2021.

Takara Tomy releasing giant Kirby Suyasuya Friend plush

Make room for Kirby!

Takara Tomy has revealed another bit of Kirby merch, and it's absolutely massive. The Kirby Suyasuya Friend plush is about 2 and a half feet in size, and it's set to launch in Japan in June 2021. This big boy comes with a big price, as it'll cost you roughly $105. You can check out more pics here.

Kirby Cafe Store Tokyo Solamachi moving to permanent location

An all-in-one experience

It seems that Japan has really taken to the Kirby Cafe experience, as a number of temporary locations have turned into permanent fixtures. The latest to make that transformation is Kirby Cafe Store Tokyo Solamachi.

There's actually already a Kirby Cafe at Tokyo Solamachi retail complex, found at Tokyo Skytree. The thing is, the Cafe and Store are on separate floors. Now the Store is going to be closed down and moved up to the Cafe into a permanent combination. This revamped location is set to open in March 2021.

Club Mocchi Mocchi- Kirby & Friend Heart Mega 15 Plush is now available for pre-order on Amazon

An enormous plush of Kirby holding a Friend Heart is now available for pre-order on Amazon. It shall cost $29.99. At this point, the item might be out of order, but some users have been able to pre-order the product for when it becomes available again.

If you would like to try to pre-order the Kirby & Friend Heart plush, please refer to this Amazon link!

Hot Topic currently selling Kirby enamel pins

Kirby enamel pins are currently available on the Hot Topic online store. They cost $8.90, and international shipping is available for some countries. Some stores are also selling these pins physically for those that would rather do their shopping in person.

Click here to view the listing for the Kirby enamel pins!

Re-Ment releasing Kirby Bakery Cafe figurine set

Kirby's just desserts

Re-Ment has worked with the Kirby franchise countless times, and it's clear they have no intentions of stopping. The company has revealed another collaboration, and this one is a sweet treat indeed.

The Kirby Bakery Cafe set features Kirby alongside some delectable treats, but there are also some cameos from Lololo & Lalala, Pitch, and more. You can read the full set of figurines below, which will release in Japan on Feb. 8th, 2021.

- Strawberry Cream Sandwich (Waddle Dee)
- Caramel French Toast (Waddle Dee)
- Kracko Cream Bun (Waddle Doo)
- Cheese Fondue Bread Block (Lololo & Lalala)
- Fluffy Apple Bread (Gooey)
- Sweet Green Bun (Pitch)
- Croque Monsieur (Waddle Dee & Scarfy)
- Blueberry Danish (Meta Knight)

If you want to see what each individual figurine looks like up close, you can check out a gallery for the lineup here.

ITS’DEMO reveals lineup of Kirby bags, masks, pens, and more

A new Spring lineup

Japanese brand ITS’DEMO is back with another Nintendo-related lineup of merch. This time we're getting a round of Kirby merch that incudes multiple bags, stationary, pens, masks, containers, and more. This is a part of the upcoming Kirby X ITS'DEMO Spring 2021 collection, and you can check out all the items here.

Kirby Fighters 2 "Here comes Meta Knight!" trailer

We're getting meta

The latest trailer for Kirby Fighters 2 goes over even more copy abilities at Kirby's disposal, but it also highlights Met Knight as one of the many cameo characters who make an appearance. Check him out in action above!


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